Removing Trespassers

There have been instances where travellers on private land settle and refuse to move from someone land or building. By all legal standards, the owner of the property has the right to accept or refuse admission of any person in his property. However, some travellers violate this right and take control of someone else's property. There are certain times when people travel to destinations and enter a property illegally when the owners are not in or are not in town. People find it difficult to get their occupied properties back from travellers and lack the resources or authority to forcibly remove the trespassers.

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By law, the landowners are not allowed to use excessive force to remove the travellers from their property. However, it is within the legal rights of the owner to ask the trespasser to move while they apply for a court order. While the property owner can ask for the travellers to leave it is better to not do this as most trespassers are hostile and there is a danger of physical conflict.

There are Certified Enforcement Agencies that offer their services to people who want travellers evicted from their premises. These firms have qualified agents who are well-versed in all legal laws and rules. They will carry out methods that are within the legal limits to negotiate with the trespasser to evict the premises peacefully. The agencies are also aware of all health and safety standards and will only follow a course of action that does not hurt anyone physically.

Police are another option to get help. The law enforcement will assess the situation and is ideal to deal with hostile travellers. However, the police will follow the court rules and will be serving notices to the travellers and will only remove the occupier when the court issues an eviction notice.

While most people can take the case to court it can take time and legal fees for settling such cases are high. Due to this reason, people prefer to hire private agencies to help move the travellers from their properties. The agencies provide a detailed report to the landowners regarding the forceful occupation of the property and if there are any vehicles or other items on the ground. They also assess the behavior of the travellers and recommend the course of action to be taken. Eviction can be a complicated process and it is better for an agency to handle this critical situation as they can deal with most cases.

When people need support to get people evicted they can reach out to the agencies and get the details on their line of action and fees for their services. Depending on the nature of occupation and the number of trespassers the fee may vary from one situation to another. The agencies work under legal limits and in extreme cases will move the case to court themselves. The agencies provide a free quotation for their services and they can provide basic guidance if the situation can be handled by the landowner himself.